Manusi box RDX White Gold

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White and Gold MMA Leather Boxing Gloves

No other gloves can be compared to the RDX Hi-Tec Professional Contest Design Gloves. Made with high quality cow hide leather, Gel Tech padding and featuring a wrist locking wraparound closing system which follows the forearm shape to provide the best support. RDX boxing gloves have been designed with a pro polyurethane Gel foam technology mould, in order to be as consistent as the traditional fight boxing gloves. The added foam reduces the force, acceleration and vibration of the punch; and the molded gel polyurethane foam concentrates the weight of the gloves in that area and not in the wrist or thumb. A big difference between the traditional and the safetec boxing gloves is that the safetec is more durable. Available in 10oz, 12oz, 14oz and 16oz. The quality of the product has made it the choice of professionals.10oz gloves are recommended for children under the age 14 years.


  • Made with high quality cow hide leather
  • Designed with pro polyurethane Gel foam technology mould
  • Wrist locking wraparound closing system
  • Added foam reduces the force
  • Acceleration and vibration of the punch

Manusi box RDX White Gold - Sporturi - Manusi Box - Echipament Box

Brand: RDX